Chennai Ultimate Frisbee, helps in coordinating and spreading the sport of Ultimate in Chennai, India. It is probably the biggest community of Ultimate players in India.

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The Tournaments

Chennai Heat

Chennai Heat is India's only beach ultimate tournament held in the month of October. It is probably the most comnpetitive and intense tournament in India.


CUL is an initiative by CUF with an ultimate goal to provide new learning experiences. The motive behind CUL is to give the members a chance to play with people from other teams, instead of against. Players get to try out new plays, styles, and to practice playing new positions. It brings out talent in people, and gives them the freedom to pick up new skills with out the pressure of a tournament or the pressure of playing for a team. It usually happens over 8 weekends, with 6 teams.The teams are divided according to self evaluation of skills by the participants, who are then divided to form teams of equal strength. 'Disc -Us- Scorers' won the first edition of the league along with SOTG. In the second edition 'Aiyo IO' lead the SOTG table and DMK (Disc Munnetra Kazhagam) won the league. It has a point system on the basis of number of matches won and Spirit of the game. Teams get extra points for recruiting women players.

Chennai Club Championships (CCC)

CCC was started as prospect for the 8+ teams of Chennai to help increase the level of ultimate, through constant competitive matches. It gives the teams much needed space and match experience to gel and function better. It mimics tournament intensity, which helps the teams assess their strengths and weaknesses. Players who are new to the tournament don't have to wait till a tournament in order play an intense match with the team to gain experience. It pushes the team as an unit to do something new, as teams play against each other more than once.

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